Internet Speed Test

Why it’s a good idea to test your Internet speed?

Seeing if your internet provider is living up to their claims is only one reason to bookmark this page and take an internet speed test every so often.

Here is a list of other reasons to do so:

  • To consider a different internet provider’s service (and faster speed) that may be available to you.
  • To see if you can take steps to improve your internet speed at home.
  • To see if you have sufficient speed for all the users in your home or small office.
  • To see if your online activities require more speed than you have.
  • To find out the speeds at the free Wi-Fi spots you visit, and the fastest one.
  • To see if you can lower your internet bill by downgrading your maximum speed.
  • To test your download speed with somebody else’s (side by side), to see if your device is slow by comparison.
  • To see how using a particular VPN affects your internet speed.